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My mission is to support you in remembering, re-discovering and accepting your UNIQUENESS!

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Goddess Brunch & In-Person Venus Zyklus Workshop

In diesem 3. Workshop der Serie “Activate your divine feminine Power with Astrology” gehen wir bei einem gemütlichen Boho Brunch der Frage nach, wie uns der Venus Zyklus dabei unterstützen kann mehr in unsere eigenen feminine Energie & Kraft zu kommen.

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How you can expand your consciousness with me

Three paths to explore:

Be the change you want to see in the world!

You struggle with the state of the world right now? You have a hard time understanding what is going on? Instead of focusing on the outside world, focus on  learning to understand yourself better. Get closer to yourself either through Coaching, an Astrology Reading or a combination of both. I’m here to support your journey to step into the more, to raise your awareness and expand your consciousness! It all starts within, with fully accepting yourself and taking radical self-responsibility. This internal work will create ripple effects on the outside and one by one we can change the world as we know it.

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If you don't feel ready for a 1:1 Session yet you can start with one of the online classes below. They support you in better understanding your nature so that you can get one step closer to accepting yourself and others for who you/they are!

Venus Online Immersion - coming this Fall!


How tapping into your unique Venus Codes can support you in embracing and embodying your divine feminine power.

Join me in this life changing and powerful journey to better understand your unique flavour/signature of your divine feminine energy.

We’ll dive deep into your Venus Codes over the course of 8 months. 

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On Saturday 22. July I recorded my live Venus Class so that you can learn more about Venus in Leo, the Venus Retrograde in Leo this summer (23.7-4.9.23) and the current 19 month VENUS IN LEO CYCLE that has officially started on 13.August 2023.

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The 4 elements FIRE, EARTH, AIR & WATER are part of our celestial make-up and give us insights about the main energies we were given at birth.

Are you more mind or feeling driven? Do you have a down to earth personality or do you live more up in the clouds? Are you more optimistic or realistic? Inspiring or practical?

This free online class will give you insights into the properties of the 4 elements.

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This class offers an overview of all the Moon Signs and how they describe your emotional body. This helps you to better understand your emotional make-up and how you can support your inherent nature to feel more safe & significant in this world! Also very helpful to better understand your kids or your partner.

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Ursula, a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach and Astrology lover. I chose this path in order to support YOU to step into your most authentic version of yourself, to fully accept your uniqueness and to live an empowered, fulfilled life!

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