About me

Hi, I’m Ursi! I'm excited to support you on your path of remembering more layers of your true nature.


After graduating University with a Masters of Arts in Economics and then 10 years in the corporate world as a Marketing Manager, I just kept feeling like something was missing. When I had my son in 2016 I decided to take a step back and allow myself to just BE and see where this journey of motherhood would take me... It lead me to the most wonderful awakening and to finding parts of myself that had been hidden for a very long time. My feminine side was finally able to fully shine through and I realized that I had led a very masculine energy driven life until then.

I discovered that the fascination I had for Numerology, Face Reading and Feng Shui back in 2010 wasn't just a "phase" I went through but actually my calling to dive deeper into the world of these wonderful tools that support us in better understanding our Soul and how to consciously work with energy. 

In March 2020 I was divinely guided to dive deeper into the topic of Astrology and oh boy, what a beautiful ride these past 2 years have been. I've been taking countless hours of online classes and workshops with renowned Astrologers like Rick Levine, Anne Ortelee, Gemini Brett, Divine Harmony and many more through the amazing Astrology Hub platform and I've read countless Astrology books - absolutely loved the ones from Evolutionary Astrology legend Steven Forrest. I also spent many hours listening to a variety of Astrology Podcasts. Studying Astrology has been the most rewarding and miraculous thing I've ever learned in my life and to be honest it does feel more like a remembering than learning something new.

In September 2020 I decided to become a certified Life Coach because I realised that supporting other souls on their journey of life is a wonderful and very fulfilling thing to do. We all have our own answers within - sometimes all we need is a little support and push from the outside to find them. Because as we all know, sometimes we can't see the forrest for the trees... So as of December 2021 I am a Jay Shetty certified Life Coach and I am very much looking forward to guiding you back to yourself on this beautiful yet sometimes challenging journey we call life.


U R stands for YOU ARE but also for the initials of my maiden name (Ursula Reichmuth) - so depending on how you want to look at it, it is YOU ARE UNIQUE Coaching as in "I want to support you in becoming your most authentic and unique version of self" - or URSI REICHMUTH UNIQUE Coaching & Astrology as in "my coaching approach being unique because I am combining Coaching with Astrology :)" - as with everything in life, you have FREE WILL to choose which one you like better.

My Methods

How you can work with me

I offer traditional 1:1 Coaching Sessions, Astro-Coaching Sessions (which is a combination of Coaching and Mentoring through the lens of Astrology) and Astrology Readings in English, German or Swiss-German.

If you don't feel ready for a 1:1 session quite yet I will also release workshops and courses that you can either attend for free or buy for a very affordable price.

These courses will be very easily accessible for you once you create your own Kajabi login.


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