Re-connect to your unique Magic


With this New Moon in Aquarius I'm calling in a community of soul sisters who is ready to up level their unique expression of self during the next Astrological year with the support of the Cosmos, Group Coaching & Mentoring and a supportive sisterhood.
We will go on a 12 month journey together where we cultivate more self-awareness, self-acceptance & self-love with the support of Astrology (your unique Blueprint + the current Transits), monthly reflection, ritual, somatic and mindfulness practices.

Each month (Tuesdays 17h-19h CET) we will dive deep into a topic that will guide you back home to yourself in a group coaching/mentoring session.

  • 26. MARCH - PASSION - ELEMENT FIRE -¬†What ignites your spark? We will explore the Archetype of Aries, THE HUNTRESS, Mars, your 1st House and your Chart Ruler to better understand what you are passionate about.
  • 7. MAY¬†- PLEASURE - ELEMENT EARTH - What is your relationship to pleasure like? To your 5 senses and abundance? How about your Self-worth? What do you value? During this month the Archetype of Taurus, THE LOVER, Venus and your 2nd House will be our guides.
  • 21. MAY - MINDSET - ELEMENT AIR - How do you think and speak? We will dive deeper into your mind and how you process information. This month is all about the Archetype of Gemini, THE MAIDEN, Mercury and the 3rd House in your chart.
  • 25. JUNE -¬†EMOTIONS - ELEMENT WATER - We will explore your emotional body and you will better understand how you process emotions by working with the energy of your moon sign. We will be looking into the cancer & THE MOTHER archetype and how important self-care is to have a balanced nervous system. You will also learn more about what gives you true inner safety.
  • 23. JULY - EXPRESS - ELEMENT FIRE - What are you here to express? By better understanding the Archetype of Leo, THE QUEEN, your Sun sign and the 5th house ¬†you will gain insights about what you are here to express.
  • 27. AUGUST - BEING OF SERVICE - ELEMENT EARTH - By looking into our 6th house and the archetype of Virgo, THE PRIESTESS, you will learn a lot about how you can be of service in this life.
  • 1. OCTOBER - LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS - ELEMENT AIR - With the start of Libra season we look into the Archetype of THE LOVER from another perspective, through the lens of VENUS ruling an air sign. So here it is all about what is reflected back to us through the other & how we relate to others by looking at our 7th house.
  • 29. OCTOBER -¬†DESIRE¬†- ELEMENT WATER -¬†What has to be transformed within ourselves in order to be deeply fulfilled? What do we truly desire in life? We will look at the Scorpio & THE DARK FEMININE Archetype, your 8th house and Pluto in your chart.
  • 26. NOVEMBER - EXPANSION - ELEMENT FIRE - During this month we will have a look at what inspires us and how Jupiter, the 9th house and the archetype of Sagittarius and THE SAGE support our expansion of consciousness.
  • 17. DECEMBER - AUTHORSHIP OF LIFE¬†- ELEMENT EARTH - As the calendar year comes to an end we'll take¬†some time to review and reflect upon 2024 so that we can set the necessary structure for the¬†upcoming year. The Capricorn & THE WISE WOMAN Archetype, our 10th house and Saturn will support us in this endeavour.
  • 28. JANUARY 2025 - UNIQUE FREQUENCY¬†- ELEMENT AIR - With the archetype of Aquarius & THE REBEL ¬†it is time to step outside the box and to liberate¬†yourself so that you can fully embody your unique frequency. Uranus and the 11th house support us on our journey to¬†self-actualisation.
  • 25. FEBRUARY 2025 - DREAMS - ELEMENT WATER - After¬†consciously¬†journeying together over the course of these last 11 months it is now time to dream big for your future with the help of the pisces archetype and to feel how¬†wonderful it is to have achieved this next level of self-remembrance. Your pisces house, your 12th house and Neptune in your chart show you how to activate the archetype of THE MYSTIQUE.

...and each month (Tuesdays 17h-18h CET) we will take time to cultivate a more intimate relationship to our higher self, our intuition and our bodies through ritual, meditation, somatic & mindfulness practices.*

  • 2. APRIL -¬†Live an inspired life (Passion Board Workshop)
  • 14. MAY - Coming into the Body (Embodiment Session)
  • 18. JUNE - Mindset Shift (Breathwork Session)
  • 2. JULY - Emotional Release (Bio Energetic Healing Session)
  • 6. AUGUST - Self-Expression (Creative Expression¬†Workshop)
  • 3. SEPTEMBER - Purification (Daily Sacred Rituals)
  • 22. OCTOBER -¬†Conscious Relating¬†(Conscious Relating Workshop)
  • 12. NOVEMBER -¬†Dark Feminine Integration (Sacred Rage Session)
  • 3. DECEMBER - Expand your Vision (Guided Visualisation)
  • 7. JANUARY -¬†Bring it down to earth (Intention Setting Ceremony for 2025)
  • 18. FEBRUARY - Align to your unique frequency (Sound healing Session)
  • 11. MARCH -¬†Connecting to your higher, inner Self (Channeling Session)¬†
    * monthly session themes are subject to change.

...if you crave a deeper connection to yourself but never really take the time to slow down and reflect (because life happens), then this container is for you.

My goals for this 12 month container together are
1) to support your unique journey and help you gain a higher perspective on your life's path through the lens of Astrology so that you can fully trust in life.
2) to guide you to more self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love and wholeness through recognising your UNIQUENESS and embracing all parts of you.
3) to cultivate a global sisterhood of like minded and hearted women so that you feel less alone on your journey.
3) to allow you to deepen more into your divine feminine energy, to slow down, to embrace the concept of rest, recovery, self-care and reflection, to surrender to the flow of life and to experience true magic again.
4) to empower you to BE YOU, to shine your unique light and authentically express yourself - the more aligned you are to your unique blueprint, to the flow of your own existence the more magical life becomes.
5) to support you in living a truly liberated, fulfilled and beautiful life because you are feeling safe from deep within, you no longer are dependent on external validation or other people's opinions.