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Do you hear the call of the Goddess?


Come join me and 7 other beautiful women for a divine retreat held in one of the most stunning, luxurious, serene and peaceful Villas in mystical and magical Mykonos, Greece.
June 4th-9th 2024
If you are sitting on the edge of ushering yourself into a more truthful, liberated, abundant and authentic life experience this retreat is for you. Do you crave a transformative and nourishing experience where you can go deep yet at the same time where it feels like you are on the most epic and energizing girls trip ever?

If combining good times like

  • Soaking up the sun in absolute luxury
  • Cruising over and swimming in crystal clear blue water
  • Exploring ancient greek mythology in Delos
  • Watching beautiful sunsets
  • Dancing under the¬†stars
  • Connecting with like hearted & minded women¬†
  • Enjoying delicious, nourishing and healthy vegetarian food
  • Expressing your unique beauty and feminine essence in a sensual beach photo shoot

...and connecting with the body & going deep within while

  • Doing daily yoga
  • Sitting in ceremony & daily meditation
  • Going on a sound healing journey
  • Doing transformational breathwork
  • Connecting with your heart in a cacao ceremony
  • Unleashing your wild side in a blindfolded dance session
  • Gaining more self-awareness through a 1:1 Session with me (Venus Reading) and a channeling session*
  • Getting a 1:1 Reiki* & Bio Energetic healing* session¬†
    * tbc

...sound like something you would enjoy then this intimate retreat is definitely for you!

I curated this retreat because I personally experienced how life changing & empowering a week like this can be and I want to share it with other women out there who hear the call to step up to the next level of self-expression.
Our journey will be guided by the 4 elements and it isn't a coincidence that we'll gather on June 4th, which is the day of the exterior Sun/Venus conjunction that marks the mid-point of the current Venus in Leo Cycle that I closely work with in my group programs.
This means that Venus is in the Underworld, hiding behind the Sun. So we won't see her in the sky but we can use this powerful moment in time to go deep within and integrate & release any parts of us that hinder us from fully embodying the Queen Archetype & unapologetically shining our unique light out into the world.
Soooo ready...I want to see the rooms!
Mykonos is the perfect place to awaken the divine feminine energy, the Goddess and Queen Archetype within and to come one step closer back home to yourself.
This mystical, magical and beautiful island is like a portal to your soul while offering all the luxury one can ask for.
Isn't this what we are all here for?
To fully embrace this life in a human body and experience it with all our 5 senses while staying deeply connected to our own soul?
Villa Ava, a stunningly beautiful Greek Villa overlooking the Aegean Sea, will be our safe space, our Tempel, our hub for 5 nights/6 days, where we can fully relax, go within and bask in the beauty of this greek island - you will feel serenity and peace the moment you walk through the gates of this beautiful & luxurious property.  
My goal for you is to experience deeply nourishing & transforming moments in a sisterhood of like hearted & minded women while living your best life.
It will be a unique, empowering, magical, unforgettable and life changing week that you will remember for a lifetime. 
After these empowering days together you will feel deeply nourished, more connected to yourself/your soul, more confident and radiant, you will love & accept yourself more and you'll be ready to roar like a lioness and unapologetically shine your unique light out into the world!
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*If you join us, the official schedule will be sent to you a month before the retreat
It will be an unforgettable week of feminine empowerment, de-conditioning, self-discovery, self-acceptance, energy work, fun, play, joy and connection - all in company of like hearted & minded soul sisters from all around the world.
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Come into the body, connect with the island, chrystal charging ceremony at the beach, optional massage or exploring Mykonos town, sun set dinner at 180¬į Sunset Bar.


Transformational breathwork session, sharing circle, free time at the Villa, Venus cycle workshop, New Moon intention setting ceremony, meditation, sound bath.


Empower yourself through moving your body &  feminine dance, connect to your sensual side, open your heart with cacao, shine your unique light in front of the camera.


Feel and alchemise your emotions, travel back in time in Delos, tap into the magical energy of the island, swim in the Aegean sea, dance under the stars at Scorpios.
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