In-Person Venus Sister Circles

Yay, I'm so excited for you to join this powerful sisterhood to cultivate more self-acceptance, self-love and to further embody your divine feminine power.

In order to save your spot, please sign-up with your e-mail address and then TWINT the admission fee for

  • 4 Circles = CHF 333.00 (CHF 83.25/Circle)
  • 3 Circles = CHF 255.00 (CHF 85/Circle)
  • 2 Circles = CHF 176.00 (CHF 88/Circle

to the following number +41 78 604 1507.

If you don't sign up for all 4 Circles, please let me know which 2 or 3 Circles you will attend in a WhatsApp or E-Mail.

Here's what you can expect from each circle:

  • 120 minutes with a community of like minded souls. 
  • Each month I will work with the energy of the corresponding Venus Gate. 
  • We will dive deep into how the Moon/Venus conjunction in the sky can support us in releasing old and outdates beliefs, behaviour patterns and parts of us that no longer serve us.  
  • Each Circle I will work with a different Chakra and I will guide you through a meditation or visualisation or embodiment practice (depending on the Sign the Venus Gate is in). 
  • You will have time to reflect and drop into your body so that you can not only understand but also feel the energies at play.
  • While Venus is a morning star I will suggest exercises, tools or mindfulness practices for the month ahead to release any blockages of the Chakra that gets activated by the current Venus Gate. 
  • There will be enough time and space to share your thoughts and feelings.
  • You'll feel more aligned with the cyclical nature of life, with your divine feminine energy and ultimately with yourself.

I am looking forward to holding space for you and supporting you in going on your personal inner heroines journey which most definitly will lead to a powerful transformation.