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Full Moon Ceremonies


Integrate the Cosmic Codes 

Our monthly online Full Moon ceremonies are a safe space where you can get together with like minded souls to consciously integrate the Cosmic Codes of the current Full Moon polarity.

In this monthly ceremony we will be taping into the current cosmic energies with the goal for you to truly feel the energies of the Sun and the Moon in your body - how do you embody the energy of the archetype the Sun is in? And how do you feel about the energy that the Moon is in?

A Full Moon is a very potent time for introspection and releasing old patterns and energies that no longer serve our human journey. 

The Sun, that stands for our consciousness, fully illuminates the Moon, which is representing our emotional body and our unconscious mind - this allows us to get an insight into things that we are otherwise unaware of, insights into hidden energies within. It helps us better understand our shadows! So a Full Moon is a beautiful time to actively work with these energies because we can recognise patterns that are stopping our growth and expansion.

Kathi will start the call with an overview of the Full Moon energies before I give you deeper insights about the current polarity at play. We will then guide you through some embodiment practice or a meditation/visualisation to tap more into these energies. Then you get some time to journal with some specific reflection questions and at the end of the call we will leave some space to share if anybody feels called to do so.